Vehicle & Equipment Finance FAQs

Find the answer to frequently asked questions about Vehicle and Equipment Finance.

If you are unable to find the answer to your questions please call us on 1300 CAP ONE (227 663) and one of our Specialists will assist you with your enquiry.

What is the process to get Finance?

1.We need to obtain your requirements and information, which can be done by filling in our online form or over the phone.

2. We then send you through a quote for the finance and await your acceptance

3. Upon Acceptance of the Quote, we send you out the Application Form which we need you to sign and provide the relevant documents (which will be advised at this time)

4.Once all information received we endeavor to have an approval within 24-48 hours – this size and complexity of the transaction can impact this service standard.

How long does this process take?
Once we have everything back that we need from you, we have answer back from the financiers within 24-36 hours. Once approved and the invoice for the goods is obtained we can have documents out to you on the same day.
Do I need to provide my financials?
Financial evidence requirements varies as it depends on the vehicle / equipment that you are looking to purchase.

we will advise you of what's required during the Quote Phase of the process

Do I have to pay the fees upfront or can I Finance them?
This depends on the financier – normally they are collected by direct debit at the time of settlement or drawdown of the loan.
Do I have to buy from a dealer?
No, you can also purchase from a private vendor, we will undertake necessary steps to ensure the goods and vendor are satisfactory to the lender.
How old can the good be?
As we have a wide range of lenders there are many variables.

As a general rule cars range up to 5 years (60 months), whilst Trucks and Heavy Equipment range up to 7 years (84 months)

Is there a fee if I decide not to go ahead?
No, we don’t charge any fee to you for our services. If in the very rare circumstance that we do we will send you a letter of mandate for your acceptance prior to commencing any work.

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